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Las Vegas Market Update November 2020

November saw the Las Vegas area real estate market quiet down in the annual holiday lull, but it still showed signs of growth. The number of homes that sold dropped predictably from 6,124 in October to 5,659 in November and the number of active listings dropped from 14,851 to 14,137 during the same time. The […]

Las Vegas Market Update October 2020

Las Vegas area real estate appears to be easing into the holiday lull. We saw a slight decrease in the number of homes sold between September and October, which is absolutely normal when looking at data over several years. The average sale price has edged upward, however, indicating that buyer interest this holiday season is […]

Busting the Biggest Home-Buying Myths of 2020

This year has been difficult for just about everyone, but if you were (or still are) thinking about buying a home in 2020, you might be feeling more than a little overwhelmed. An ongoing pandemic, the subsequent recession, and general uncertainty have forced many house-hunters to put their real estate dreams on hold. However, despite […]