September 2019 Las Vegas Market Update

The number of homes that sold in September dropped from 6,545 in August to 5,616 (though is up over 400 homes from September 2018) while the number of new listings on the market dropped from 8,623 to 7,660. The average price increased slightly, from $295,029 to $298,565. Last month’s average price is the highest we’ve […]

New Trends In Home Decor

One of the perks of being associated with the Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate brand is having access to new trends in home design and decor.  We had a treat this week when Max Wilker, the style director for Better Homes & Gardens magazine came to the office to update us on design trends […]

June 2019 Las Vegas Market Update

We’re seeing some interesting market trends here in our Valley.  We still only have a 3 month inventory of houses for sale – which means it should take 3 months for a house to sell.  Buyers are taking their time, though, so sales are down a little from previous months.  Buyers are price conscious and […]

Mortgage 101: What To Know Before You Apply

Everybody loves talking about mortgages. They’re fun, easy to understand, and a great icebreaker, right?….Wrong. Thanks to their lengthy process, technical jargon, and confusing options, mortgages have a bit of an intimidating reputation—but it doesn’t have to be that way! If you’re in the process of buying a new home and dreading the mortgage application […]