Fun Thanksgiving Facts

I found these fun facts on; if you’d like to learn more, visit them at Thanksgiving Over the Years Though many competing claims exist, the most familiar story of the first Thanksgiving took place in Plymouth Colony, in present-day Massachusetts, in 1621. More than 200 years later, President Abraham Lincoln declared the final […]

November Market Update

Home prices and resales were lower in October than in the previous months.  While not surprising as we move into the holidays, it also indicates we are approaching a more normal real estate market.  The median price for a resale home dropped from $202,500 in September to $199,900 in October.  This is up 8.1 percent […]

Arizona Sonora Desert Museum

At the beginning of October, Bob and I attended a conference in Tucson.  On my bucket list of places I have been longing to visit is the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, which is just outside of Tucson, near the Saguaro National Park.  We stopped for breakfast at Coyote Pause Cafe which has a funky southwest […]


As we have reported before, Congress has yet to renew the Homeowners Relief Act which provided a tax break on mortgage forgiveness obtained through short sale, foreclosure, or principal reduction.  It now appears that Congress will extend the Act after the November elections, making it retroactive for all of 2014.  However, it is unclear if […]

Is It a Buyer’s Market in Las Vegas?

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports today in its Business section that home prices increased less in July than they have in the past 20 months.  Slow sales and increased inventory may be shifting our sideways market towards buyers.  .  Nationally, sales are down 5.3 percent from last year.  Among the reasons for slower sales […]

Giving Homeless Homes Saves Money$

People who are chronically homeless tend to have mental health or substance abuse issues which prevent them from being in stable living conditions.  The general consensus has been that a person must be dealing with the causes which led to their homelessness before providing permanent housing.  Taking medication and being in treatment for substance abuse […]

Grants For Homebuyers

A new grant program to assist homebuyers has been announced by the Nevada Housing Division.  The Home Is Possible initiative offers qualified buyers a grant of up to 4 percent of the loan to be put towards a down payment or closing costs.  Loans approved for this grant are FHA, VA and rural development loans.  […]