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Clark County Population Reaches 2 Million

Sometime this fall Clark County’s population reached the 2 million mark. All but 3% live in the Las Vegas Valley. On July 1 the official population estimate was 1,996,542. Broken down by community there are:

841,351 in unincorporated Clark County

603,093 in Las Vegas

265,790 in Henderson

215,026 in North Las Vegas

19,194 in Mesquite

16,206 in Boulder City.

This population increase is driven by the millions of tourists who visit every year. In 2006, nearly 39 million tourists visited Las Vegas, an increase of almost 350,000 since 2005. As new hotels are built to accommodate more visitors, new jobs are created. Every new hotel room results in about 7 new jobs and and 14 new residents.

That 2 millionth resident probably came from southern California, where most of our new residents lived before moving to Las Vegas. Others come from Arizona (2), Florida (3), Texas (4), New York (5), Illinois (6), Washington (7), Utah (8), Michigan (9) and Hawaii (10). He or she was probably a member of Generation X, has a college degree, earns between $40,000 and $60,000 a year and moved here due to a job tied to the tourist industry.

Don’t expect to see this growth stop anytime soon. With a vibrant job market, Clark County will continue to see a net gain in population of between 4,700 and 6,000 residents a month.

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