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What Would You Like In Your New Home?

Is a new home in your future for 2008? Before you start driving around or looking online, you might want to ask yourself these questions.

What would be in your dream kitchen?

a) a walk-in pantry with adjustable shelving, vegetable bins and built-in spice racks

b) pull -out bins for recycling cans and bottles

c) a large island for serving the kids snacks or supervising homework

d) more freezer space for frozen dinners

Your perfect master bedroom would have which of the following?

a) separate his- and hers-dressing areas with built-in drawers, shelving and hanging rods

b) shoe cubbies in the closet large enough to accommodate hiking boots

c) a sitting area with fireplace that I can make my personal retreat

d) an oversized laundry basket

What would you like in your perfect master bath?

a) Dual sinks plus a large soaking tub for the occasional bubble bath

b) hooks for air-drying towels and shelves for organic bath salts

c) abundant cabinet and storage space for extra linens and toiletries

d) a suction-cup squeegee to clean the shower door

What must your laundry room have?

a) cabinets for storing washing and cleaning supplies

b. energy-efficient front loading washer and dryer and hanging rods for air-drying

c) a large sink for pre-treating stains and counter space for sorting and folding clothes

d) easy-to-follow operating instructions for the maid

What do you need in your home office?

a) a built-in desk with filing drawers and cabinets tucked away in its own room

b) Wi-Fi card and my laptop

c) central workstation where everything is wired for technology

d) kitchen chalkboard, random Post-it notes and magnets on the fridge

What type of energy savings do you want?

a) setting the thermostat to 68 in the winter and 78 in the summer

b) eco-friendly living, from CFL light bulbs and low-flow faucets to organic food and car-pooling

c) recycling newspapers and donating children’s clothes and toys

d) taking an afternoon nap and turning off the lights before I go to bed

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