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Robb & Stucky Interiors Opens in Las Vegas

The venerable Florida high end furniture and interior design business, Robb & Stucky, has opened its newest store in the new Town Square on Las Vegas Blvd. In addition to its original locations in Florida the company also has stores in Texas, Arizona and Costa Rica. Hoping to capitalize on Las Vegas as one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S., Robb & Stucky is looking to the emerging core of million-dollar homes in the suburbs and the large numbers of vacation-home owners who’ve purchased in the Strip high rises or on private golf courses as the base of their clientele. The store prides itself on being able to deliver purchases immediately. Rather than waiting for purchases to be made before ordering the furniture to be manufactured, Robb & Stucky keeps its stock available, so after you buy that dream house, you can fill it with furniture without having to wait weeks or months for delivery. Need a place to put that new furniture? Contact us for that luxury high rise condo or golf course home.

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