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Time to Appeal Property Taxes?

With property values lower than they may have been at the time your home was last assessed for property taxes, it may be time to consider requesting a new assessment. Whether you plan to stay in your home, are contemplating selling it or are buying, it is very likely that the property taxes currently assessed were based on a price higher than the property is worth in our current market here in Las Vegas.

Property in Clark County is valued at 35 percent of its current appraised value. If the taxes you are currently paying are more than 35 percent of the current value of your home, you should consider appealing your tax rate. If you’re not sure, contact us to request a market evaluation of your home, which can be done via email.

After reviewing the information, if you believe your property has been assessed incorrectly, you have until January. 15 to file an appeal. Contact the assessor’s office at (702) 455-3891 for information on how to do so.

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