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New Facebook Group – Bank of America Sucks

I was surfing all the interesting groups on Facebook when I ran across one that made me think “Wow, I’ve heard these same stories from my friends and acquaintances!” The name of the group is “Bank-of-America-Sucks” and there is story after story of the nightmares home owners face when trying to deal with lenders (not just BofA) on loan modifications.  Stories about “lost” paperwork and difficulty speaking with someone who can actually help are sadly all too common. I feel for homeowners who are caught in what must feel like an endless loop where you feel like you are ending up back in the beginning after doing everything that’s asked of you. This whole real estate bubble burst and mortgage crisis have wrung so much out of so many homeowners, it can be difficult to know where to turn to! I’ve seen this quite frequently over the past several years, which is why I decided to concentrate on helping troubled homeowners. I felt that I needed to do SOMETHING to help these good folks.

For ideas and information on how to overcome your housing crisis, visit us at LasVegasHomeSpecialist and drop us a note.

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