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Deutsche Bank Is So Lame

Deutsche Bank is not a friend to those in the armed services.  A short sale I am working on right now is stuck because Deutsche Bank, the investor, refuses to review a short sale unless the loan is in default.  In this case, a master sergeant in the Air Force is being transferred from Nellis AFB to a base in Delaware.  To protect his security clearance, he is staying current on his payments until he relocates.  Despite this, Deutsche Bank continues to refuse to review the file for short sale approval until he stops making payments.  It boggles the mind that Deutsche Bank would be so intransigent, especially when it comes to a situation in which a member of the armed forces is under orders to move.  In an effort to convince Deutsche Bank it needs to review its policy, I have sent a letter to the Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, requesting assistance and copies to the chairman and director of asset management with Deutsche Bank.  With short sales, it’s important to never take no for an answer.

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