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Freemont Street To Get Huge New Zip Line

They are billing it as the world’s largest slot machine but it will really dispense people and not money.  SlotZilla, a towering launch pad will open on Freemont Street in June 2013.  They will be breaking ground shortly after the New Year on the 120-foot tower that will double the capacity on the existing zip line attraction.

The new attraction will feature a first-of-its-kind “power launch” system to shoot riders at accelerated speeds.  Riders can choose between two tiers of four lines.  The lower lines will go 850 feet and be 75 above the ground with the riders flying in a seated position.  The top lines will be 112 feet high and will extend 1,700 feet to the front of the Golden Gate hotel-casino.  On the top lines, riders will fly in a “super-hero position”, lying flat in the harness and will be launched at speeds of 35 mph with a propulsion launch system.

The prices for the new attraction will have two-tiered pricing as well.  The lower level will cost $20 a ride while the higher and longer ride will be priced at $30.  You will be able to go on both rides for a package that will cost $40.

The Freemont Street Experience is setting up an online reservation system and advanced ticket sales so riders can avoid waiting in lines.

The new ride will be an 11 story slot and will be built between Third St. and Casino Center where the existing temporary zip line has been in place since October 2010.

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