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Curb Appeal

flower potsIn today’s hyper-competitive real estate market it can be a “price war and beauty contest”.  A home’s front entry is the focal point of its curb appeal.  Here are a few easy projects.  A blast of color with paint, a custom door, polished fixtures and colorful containers and plants make the entrance inviting.  House numbers and light fixtures add style and should blend in with all the front accessories so they are collectively appealing.  Low voltage landscape lighting adds to the curb appeal impact and add very little to the electric bills.  Renew planters by pruning, pulling weeds and planting flowers to add more color to the front of the house.  Using stone or brick to create decorative borders and easily maintainable areas.  Strategically placed arbors, patios, trees and shrubs not only add to the value of the property, create inviting relaxation areas, but can also reduce energy bills by providing valuable shade during the hot summer months in the Vegas Valley and surrounding communities.  Top off your curb appeal with some character by adding exterior elements like birdbaths, metal sculptures, wind chimes or choose from the varieties yard art.  Things projects can be small investments that provide big results when trying to attract the right buyer.
– Article courtesy Insight Property Inspections, LLC

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