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A Christmas Story With A Twist

I received this story in an email and thought it was so cute that it needed to be shared! Happy Holidays from The Lisa Lundt Team!

Santa shhhWe have just received notice from the North Pole that all those in the real estate industry will not be receiving presents this year. Apparently Santa is upset! He has been working on a transaction that was all set to close, but at the last minute the lender has added conditions. As he just stated to us, he is up to his red cherry nose with conditions!

  1. The Elves have refused to return phone calls to verify employment, as they feel that this is just too busy of a time to call anyone.
  2. Santa won’t be able to sign his loan documents before leaving on an extended vacation on the evening of the 24th.
  3. The lender is asking for additional proof that Santa has not taken out any new loans on his sleigh.
  4. The lender is asking for additional proof that Mrs. Claus has been in the cookie business for more than two years.
  5. The Social Security Verification Form has come back stating that Santa does not exist.
  6. Due to lack of comps in the area and the rural nature of the property, the lender is requiring a second appraisal.
  7. The copy of Santa’s Photo ID cannot be verified because there are too many imposters around to prove it is him.
  8. The lender is requiring that we count the expense for reindeer food and maintenance in Santa’s Debt To Income ratio calling it the cost of doing business.
  9. Santa has refused to sign the AKA statement as it is four pages long listing such other names as Kris Kringle, Father Christmas, Old Saint Nick, etc.
  10. Apparently the lender is trying to call Santa’s work “Seasonal” and they want verification that he collects unemployment in the off season.


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