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New Military Designation

The National Association of Realtors recently introduced a new designation, “Military Relocation Professional”.   When I saw this new accreditation I was very excited to pursue it as a large percentage of my clients are retired or currently serving Military.

The class was first offered in our area on January 30th so I signed right up and just completed it.  I will have the designation shortly as I have to complete 2 webinars and will then be a certified Military Relocation Professional.

As this is a new designation from our National Association and has only been offered locally one time, I can state accurately that there are no more than 40 Realtors in the Valley that have attained this certification.

The class was very informative and I learned many new ideas on how to best serve my military clients.  One of the ideas that I picked up was to put together a Pre-Move Military Package for any Military personal that are going to be PCSing here in the future.  This package will enable them to be able to make quicker and better housing decisions to facilitate their transition.

Even though I have worked with many Veterans over my 13 years as a Realtor, there is still always a lot more I can learn to be able to fully assist them in their relocations.

If anyone out there knows any current or former Veterans that need some Real Estate assistance please let them know that I am here to help them in whatever capacity they need.

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