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North Las Vegas Demolishing Abandoned Homes

North Las Vegas City officials are bulldozing abandoned homes that have become targets for criminal activity and squatters.  This is a practice that has become popular in the Rust Belt and officials felt is a necessary step to take in order to eliminate the ugly eyesores of these vacant houses.

Asbestos removal and demolition began last week on the 20 homes that are going to be removed.  Officials feel that the vacant lots will be an improvement over the boarded up houses across some of North Las Vegas’ older neighborhoods.

They started out looking to remove 10 properties that combined had prompted 142 calls to police.  All 10 had at least one fire on the property that was mostly started by squatters who had altered electrical wiring or started campfires in the homes.  After reviewing other properties, the list doubled in size.

North Las Vegas set aside $400,000 to this project through a federal Neighborhood Stabilization Program grant.

The city will put a lien on the properties so that it can recover the costs of the demolition if the properties are sold in the future.  If the property owners don’t claim the vacant lots within 3 years, the city can auction them off.

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