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Don’t Toss That Dead Solar Garden Light Just Yet!

solar lightsI remember when solar-powered garden lights first came out. Despite the fact there wasn’t much variety in the offerings, just the idea that I could put garden lights where I wanted/needed them and not have to worry about laying electrical wire prompted me to immediately pick up a few.

They delivered on their promise of providing light when the sun went down, but all good things must come to an end and so did their ability to provide light. As time passed, the once cheery glow slowly faded into a dim shimmer and then total darkness.

One thing no one ever told me (or told anyone that I know who bought them) is that they CAN be refreshed. Sometimes the innards just need a good cleaning, or maybe a new battery. You see, the vast majority of these nifty little beacons of light is a simple rechargeable battery or two.

If you’re like me and possess one or more “faded glories”, check out this awesome blog post that walks you through the process of troubleshooting and repair. Time to grab the screwdriver set and get to fixing those lights!

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