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Favorite Holiday Memories


I’m going way back for this memory and it isn’t really mine, but my mother’s. We were a blended family with Mom being Jewish, Dad being undecided and me trying it all out. One year as a small child when I was lighting the menorah, I decided I needed to say something which was along the lines of “Bless Jesus.” This was quite amusing to my parents, whicPicture1h I’m sure offended serious me. Then, when I was in kindergarten I told Mom I wanted a Christmas tree. She said she had a hard time getting used to that idea, but guess who became the biggest collector of Christmas tree decorations in the family? Yup, Mom. I still have many of her decorations and have inherited her habit. The picture here of Megan, Mark and Aphrah, taken on our boat has one of Mom’s decorations in it, a Scandinavian Christmas tree, which was all the room we had for a tree.



I was never been a huge holiday person but as I have gotten older they have taken on more meaning to me.

Picture4Although my wife, Olga and I don’t have any children of our own we have always been close to our niece and nephew. They have always lived just about 10 minutes from us and it was always so convenient to see them whenever we felt like it. Now as my niece has just joined her brother up in Reno at UNR we don’t have that ability.  Our family functions seem empty without them.

With that in mind, this years Holiday Season will bring us all great joy as they will both be coming home for Thanksgiving and their winter break.

I know my parents, sister, brother in law and my wife and I can hardly wait to get to see them both for the first time in months. When my nephew went away to school 3 years ago, it was a happy and sad occasion. At least at that time we still had my niece around visit with and have around at our birthdays and all of the other family get togethers that we had. Now with them both so far away, I know that we are all very excited for this years Holidays to come. Being with everyone adds so much happiness and joy to us all and we truly miss them both so much.

As I reflect on years gone by, I can see why so many people in my past have always cherished the holidays that we were all able to spend together.

Here’s hoping that everyone has a Happy Holiday Season filled with family, friends and good times for all.


Picture5When Lisa and I got married, we had lots of blending to do for the holidays. I had to get used to lox and bagels and latkes (potato pancakes) which wasn’t too difficult. Lisa had a bigger challenge as my family always went out for a Norwegian buffet during the holidays. Topping the menu of Norwegian delicacies was lutefisk, which basically is fish soaked in lye. It has a jelly like consistency and is usually served with melted butter and lingonberry sauce. An acquired taste, to be sure. 30 years later, we still like playing dreidel under the Christmas tree.


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