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Who’s Moving to Las Vegas?

The Review Journal did a special article on January 6, 2015 about who is moving to Las Vegas.  Citing a study by United Van Lines, Nevada is the sixth most popular state for people who are relocating.  The data from the study shows that 57 percent of moves are into Nevada, which 43 percent of moves are out of Nevada.  As a comparison, from the years 1989 to 2006, 60 percent of moves were into Nevada!  The states ahead of Nevada were Oregon, South Carolina, North Carolina, Vermont and Florida.  Idaho did make it into the top ten, as well, so there are three western states at the top of the list.

So, who’s moving here?  The study found that 34.4 percent of people relocating here are moving to Nevada to retire.  Three other states showed a higher percentage of retirees relocating to them – Florida, Idaho and South Carolina.  24.6 percent of people relocating were coming to Nevada for a new job, 20.1 percent were moving due to a job transfer, 15.2 percent for health or personal reasons.

The article argues that retirees are a good group to be attracting.  Retirees who can afford to move have higher financial resources available to them and they place less demand on state resources such as schools and jobs.  They don’t commute.  One thing retirees do want is access to health care.  This is encouraging for supporters of establishing a medical school at UNLV and would put Las Vegas into a position of luring retirees here rather than Phoenix, which offers more health care resources.

Here’s a link to the full article.

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