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Senior Home Sharing Programs

As many of you know, the LasVegasHomeSpecialist team tries to reconnect with all our clients in December.  It’s a wonderful time to catch up and see if we may be of additional service.  I’ve been reading about senior sharing programs this year and, during my visits, I came to realize that information about these programs might be useful to many people.

The pros to sharing a home include getting some extra income, companionship and help around the house.  Determining the pros and cons of homesharing is important.  The National Shared Housing Resource Center has a 16 page “Consumers Guide to Home Sharing” that includes a self-questionnaire for those considering renting their home.  It includes a list of questions to ask and important points to discuss with potential renters and a sample home sharing lease.  The guide costs $10 and is available at

After reviewing this guide, there are several agencies which assist in matching adults who are looking for shared housing with older adults who are looking to rent.  Right now there are no agencies specific to Nevada which provide this service, which should include background checks.  Some national online resources which provide this service are Let’s Share Housing,  the Golden Girls Network and Roommates 4 Boomers.  You could also contact the Nevada Division for Aging Services, or call them at 775-687-4210.

If you find a prospective renter on  your own, have that person fill out a rental application, which you can find at and run a full tenant background check and call their references.  Background checks may be ordered online from companies such as and

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