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People Get Hungry!

When showing homes to newcomers to Las Vegas, I’m often asked, where should we eat?  I asked some people this question.  Here are some of the responses.

Paul said:

I love Metro Pizza, which has 4 locations in town. For an affordable steak house, The Steak House at Circus Circus is really, really good. I haven’t been there for quite awhile. For Mexican food, a lot of people love Lindo Michoacan and Bonito Michoacan. Not my personal favorite Mexican place, but I do see a lot of good reviews about there. But there are a lot of restaurants to choose from here, of course.

John’s a great bargain hunter (so who isn’t?). With his recommendations, it’s cheaper to eat out than at home!

These places are all on the East side of town, close to or on Boulder Hwy.
For Burgers- we like Wildfire Casinos (the Wild Burger) their boneless wings are also good. $8
Meal wise, we like TGIF, Macaroni Grill $9 and Miller’s Ale House lunch $5 dinner $10 (very good fish and chips)
Buffet’s (Breakfast) it’s hard to beat Sunset Station, For lunches and dinners we like Fiesta Casino (just because the lines are not long- USUALLY)
Breakfast we usually go to Joker’s Wild ( 2 eggs, 2 toast, Hash browns and 2 bacon or sausage) $1.89 BEFORE 11.AM. (coffee and juice and such DOUBLES the price so we just have ice water)
Pizza Johnny Mac’s (Wednesday’s they are 1/2 price for dine in only) $ 8-9 re-fills on $2 soda are free, beer is $3

Tom and Rosalie have a wide variety of favorites:

Below is a list of favorites we like—not necessarily in order as our favorites–just as we thought of them.

Silverado Steak House at the South Point Casino
Olive Garden (multi locations)
Lucille’s at the District at Green Valley Ranch (not the one in the Red Rock Casino on Charleston)

Claim Jumper on Green Valley Parkway in Henderson (not the one downtown in the Golden Nugget, and not the one on Charleston on Fort Apache)

Primarily Prime Rib at the South Point Casino

Susan and Gary say

We find the best foods are in the Casinos – locally restaurants are okay in Nevada, I supposed it depends
what area you are in if you are showing home. If Henderson area – take clients to VIG Deli or the Hamburger place (cannot remember name now) in the “M” casino
and or Green Valley Casino – there is Chinese in the Casino or the plaza outside of casino – lots of restaurant like the Elephant Bar. In Las Vegas – South Point casino has
great eating place there – Mexican restaurant, 50’s style hamburger place called “Shake” there is also Italian, steak place and the Oyster Bar is very good in South Point.

Cliff and Janeen say stay local:

we stay local and avoid town at all costs. We get relatives over, we give em directions to the strip. Have went to Margaritaville (too expense)

Glen didn’t say how much he love the Cheesecake Factory, but for visitors he says to send them to

Yard House. Booze them up.

Here are some of my current favorites.  I’ve been enjoying the new offerings downtown.

Makers & Finders (coffee house), Vegenation, Glutton, Publicus, Carson’s Kitchen, La Cantina, El Sombrero.

On the Strip, I love Bouchon, Jaleo, Julian Serrano.

In Henderson, Table 34, Todd’s Unique Dining, East Ocean.

Let’s us know your favorites in the Comments!




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