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Top Five Best Things To Do In Las Vegas

We locals are always seeing top 5, 10, 100 things to do in our town.  Recently I asked some folks who actually live here what their top 5 activities are here.  This is what they had to say:

Mony offered a list of 3, but he runs his own business and has an adorable three year old who keeps him busy:

1. Hiking at Red Rock Canyon.
2. North Las Vegas shooting range.
3. Drive to
Kingman (US-93) ?? Laughlin(68)?? and drive back to Vegas (US-95)
This is a whole day Round trip… Lot of things to do in Laughlin and Kingman has its own Old Route 66 charm.
Enjoy the nice long drive but preferably in another 2-3 months.. It’s just to hot now for anything outdoors.

John and Gloria have some great suggestions:

Summer theatre at Spring Mountain Ranch. There are 4 plays each year in the summer months June – September. There are chairs available to rent for $1 or you can bring a blanket or your own chair. You can bring a picnic dinner (there is a food concession there too) and your own choice of drinks (beer and wine or ?? is ok). Gates open at 6 P.M., plays start at 8P.M. last until about 10 or so. ( go early for better seats, it fills up fast) You can get tickets on line (recommend this, as they DO get sold out) for about $13 or so. We’ve been to several and they are very well done. The ranch is open for really early birds for tours.
Several places have activities like Bocce Ball, Shuffle Board, Pickle Ball for a few ideas. The “Meet-up” web site has lots of people who want to find others with like interests and that has very wide variety of groups on it.

Janeen and Cliff recommend

the roller coaster an NY,NY. All you can eat buffet at the Rio. Improv is cheap and worth the money.

Here’s what I like to do when company comes to town:

1.  Check out the fun new places downtown, including a fabulous bookstore – Writer’s Block

2.  One day hiking:  Red Rock, Mt. Charleston, Valley of Fire, Cathedral Monument, Corn Creek

3.  The Neon Museum

4.  Mob Museum

5.  Shows:  Absinthe, Mystere, Love

If you have other suggestions, please comment!

One thought on “Top Five Best Things To Do In Las Vegas

  1. I thought of some more fun things we like to do with guests.
    1) Spring Mountain Ranch
    2) Bonnie Springs
    3) China Ranch Date Farm

    We often stop for breakfast at Bonnie Springs on our way to China Ranch. Check it out!!

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