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Stock Market Got You Down?

Nitro_coasterWhat a roller coaster the stock market has been lately.  It’s up; it’s down.  Whether you are investing for retirement or for additional income now, the vagaries of world investment markets are challenging for those of us with individual, rather than corporate,  investment funds and goals.  While no risk investments provide the safety of knowing you won’t be losing the money invested, you also aren’t earning anything on those funds.  Take certificates of deposit (CDs) for example. They are generally considered one of the safest investment instruments available to the average individual investor. If you invest $100,000 in a CD, you will be lucky to get a return of $100 or $200 over a 12 month period.

The next safest investment could very well be some sort of income producing real estate.  Consider these numbers.  The average sales price for a condominium in Las Vegas is about $85,000.  The average rent here is $889.00.  At the lower price point an investor can enjoy a gross rate of return of 10%.  In addition, the property appreciation can add up to 6 percent or better per year.

If your investment goals don’t include being a landlord, you can “be the bank” and invest in loans secured by real estate at a net rate of return of 7%.  There are as many real estate investment opportunities as there are people who need housing.  That’s a lot of opportunity without the risk of a volatile stock market.

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