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Liberty Bell Arch Hike

Over the Holidays I went with some of my family members for a  new hike that is only about 30 minutes outside of Henderson.  The hike is called the Liberty Bell Arch.

To get there you drive over the Hoover Dam bypass bridge into Arizona.  You get off the highway at the White Rock Canyon Trailhead which is located around mile marker 4.  You have to make a left and cross the highway so be careful as the cars are coming at a very fast rate of speed.

The hike starts right at the trailhead and is about a 3 mile one way distance.  Along the way you pass the Liberty Bell Arch, which is a free standing arch and is about 25 feet high.  It is a beautiful site.  Along the way you also pass some interesting old mining equipment including a big wooden cable car.  Continuing past the arch, the use-trail runs southwest and up a steep, rocky ridge with great views in all directions.  After about a half a mile you come to the flat topped Black Canyon Overlook.   You can see the Colorado River about 1000 feet below you.  Views from the overlook are spectacular in all directions, but especially down the river to the south. Sit awhile, eat lunch, enjoy the solitude, and enjoy the view.

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