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Category Archives: Las Vegas Life

A Pet Lover’s Guide to Buying a Home

If you have dogs, cats, or other pets in your home, you probably consider them to be part of your family. And if you’re thinking about making a move soon, that means you’ll want to take their needs into consideration, too. Here’s our ultimate guide to finding the perfect place you and your furry friend […]

Asim’s Extraordinary Journeys

How exciting! Past client and talented writer Tom Davis has published a book! All For The Children is the first of a fantasy series called Asim’s Extraordinary Journeys. Set in a world of monsters and warlocks, this first book details the adventures of courageous warrior Asim as he and his warriors set out upon a […]

Travel Advisor Extraordinaire, Wanda Pedersen

We would like to introduce our valued friends and family to Travel Advisor Extraordinaire, Wanda Pedersen.  Andy utilized her services to plan his adventure to Tahiti last year and thanks to her, it was a trip of a life time. Wanda’s talent for planning memorable travel experiences is rooted in her experience as a blackjack […]

Seaquest Interactive Aquarium

Seaquest Interactive Aquarium located in the Boulevard Mall in Las Vegas has some great new exhibits that I am dying to check out. You can now play with and feed River Otters, Coatimundis and Capybaras. The small-clawed River Otters have been on display for just a few weeks.  They are native to SE Asia.  Guests are […]

Golden Knights Game

Olga and I were lucky enough to be able to attend our first Vegas Golden Knights game recently.  It was a wild and crazy atmosphere both before and especially during the game. I have been to many sporting events in different locations but I don’t think I have ever experienced such a loud and boisterous […]

Hiking Black Mountain

Olga and I took a strenuous hike last weekend.  We went up to the top of Black Mountain.  The hike starts in Anthem at the Shadow Canyon Trail-head. Overall  it is almost 8 miles in and out and the elevation gain  is slightly over 2000 feet.  This is one of the more difficult hikes we […]